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Ben Koryang

I am a Community Development Worker with a passion for rural development work and a keen interest in community development initiatives targeted at improving lives of women and other marginalized and vulnerable groups in the community. These are usually the women, youth, people with disabilities, children and older persons; people who are disempowered, neglected, marginalized and socially and economically left out of the mainstream government interventions.

My work in the district local government is to engage and support processes of designing policies and interventions at the district that aim at empowering these groups. It includes designing and implementing initiatives aimed at defending the rights of the disempowered communities and groups; and creating and developing projects for income generation to enhance their livelihoods. Together with my team, I’m responsible for helping communities to come up with small projects that are funded by government and other development partners and donor agencies.

I have managed to achieve results in the aforementioned areas by putting to work my core competencies that include team work and people management, responsibility to work and the community, leadership and decision making, effective communication, innovation, initiative and conceptualizing ideas, ingenuity and using local initiative for local problems in order to harness indigenous knowledge potentials. They also include integrity, planning and organizing, problem solving, adaptability and reliability.

I received my Bachelor of Social Sciences at Makerere University Kampala and a Masters in Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development at University College Dublin, Ireland.

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